To eat and drink without a friend is to devour like the lion and the wolf.

Epicurus, 341-270 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher

We love Greek Food and we love Santorini!
What else is there to say?

Santorini Food tour was created out of passion and out of necessity – a passion for food & Santorini and a necessity to share it with visitors of the island. With a long experience in tourism industry and guest relations, we believe that it is the “experience” which makes a holiday unforgettable and we really want you to experience the best.
Food is part of our culture and sharing is part of our food – and we are dedicated to turn you into a true Greek Food lover, if you are not one already!

Aristotle or “Aris” as the locals know him, is the driving force behind Santorini Food Tour. But there is more than just Aristotle! Everyone on Santorini Food Tour team is driven by the same passion for food and fun, hospitality and a genuine wish for everyone to have the best time! We will make sure, that you leave from the Santorini Food Tour not only with a full belly, but also with memories of a great, fun filled day and (probably) the best experience you have in Santorini!